Step into being the successful business owner you know you are


Let’s Create WOW, Nothing Less!™

Step into being the successful business owner you know you are


Let’s Create WOW, Nothing Less!™

Step into being the successful business owner you know you are


Let’s Create WOW, Nothing Less!™

Are you ready to grow your business and profits in a way that feels aligned for you?

I’m guessing you’ve been in business a little while.  You’ve hustled and had some wins. 

But now you want to take your business and life to the next level! 

You want consistent incometo make a big impact helping others and spend time enjoying – instead of working all the time. 

I mean that’s WHY you started this business in the first place…

You desire flexibility, work-life balance, to work with incredible clients and leave a legacy.

The freedom, lifestyle, and to be paid your worth so you have choices!

You’re bright, you work hard. 

You want to have a personalised plan and strategy to get you to the next level quickly. 

I’m Minnie, I help coaches and consultants confidently market and sell themselves and grow their business without burning out. 

Everything you want CAN be achieved. You just need the right STRATEGY & SUPPORT to make it a reality!

I blend marketing consulting AND mindset development. Because one cannot work without the other. You might be in the early stages of your business journey, but you have a clearn vision and are committed and determined. 

Let’s bust some myths:

1. Building a business is simple, but it isn’t easy. It’s far easier when you have support and guidance.

2. What works for someone else should work for you… not necessarily. Let’s work out YOUR marketing strategy – not a generic plan.

What worked before may not work again when you look to uplevel your business. So we’ll take a fresh look and approach to your business. Who you serve, your offers, your brand, your marketing.  We’ll simplify, refine, optimise and work out which tools to use, what to outsource, how to find balance and make it all work.  

Most importantly we’ll say bye bye to fear, panic and doubt and step into that confident bigger vision you have for yourself and your business. 

By the end you will have a transformed business and be joyfully working and achieving what you desire.  I’m here to help you, support you and hold you accountable.  

Smart people get the help they need to make success non-negotiable. And I know your smart. 

If your EXCITED to finally get the business breakthrough you desire then… Then let’s create WOW, nothing less! ™


Are You Ready For Incredible Success?


Let me show you how…

“I set up my own business 15 months ago and having had little experience in social media and online marketing. I was recommended to speak to Minnie.   

Two meetings later, I had an active Twitter account, a Business Facebook page, a Linked In Business profile, content for my website, a marketing plan and most of all the confidence to post comments and advice and my business’s success online.

Since then the business has grown and I am a now regular and confident user of social media and can see the significant value that Minnie’s experience brought to my business.  I would be very happy to recommend her for new start ups like me as well as established companies who need a fresh approach to their online marketing.” 

Nick Jones – Business Owner, Nicholas Jones Residential, UK

Here’s How We Can Work Together

I help my clients design a profitable business model, attract ideal clients and focus on a few simple marketing strategies for consistent action and success. I achieve this through private mentoring, guidance and accountability.

New Business Owner/Transition – 6 Month Program

Together we develop your simple marketing and business plan. You come away knowing who your ideal client really is, what outcome your provide, how to package that and price it, how to market yourself and attract your tribe and how to convert people into clients who get results.

Also good for businesses looking at transitioning your offers.

Experienced Businesses – 12 week Growth Plan

This is great if you have been in business for 6 months or more and you need an injection of fresh thinking to move forward, grow and rapidly progress. We’ll look at how to get the most of your time and productivity as well as tweaking your sales process and marketing strategies (funnels).

Focused, intense consulting to get you results quickly.

Let’s Do This!

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