Work With Me in Private Coaching

I know you’ve got big aspirations to start, or grow your business.

Have you got a dream of having the freedom of your own business, making a positive impact and real difference in people’s lives with the talents and knowledge you have?


Or are you already in business and feeling a bit stuck?

Maybe you want to know how to attract leads, sign up more dream clients, simplify your to do list, create more time, be profitable without working 24/7?


Do you know what to do next?

What I hear time and again is not knowing where to start because finding and serving clients whilst doing all the back office work is – well a job in itself. 

You want to be successful, but you know you only have so much time and energy.

Perhaps you did a whole bunch of marketing and it didn’t work.  You want to know you how to attract action taking clients. You want to know what they really want your help with and what to offer.

The internet has been a gamechanger for many businesses and you want to harness the internet to reach more clients, network and make a greater impact on a global scale.

But, you’re confused by what marketing activities will attract those clients.  

You want to know what will work for you not the latest gimmick. 


Let me tell you a little secret – what works for others might not work for you.


We all learn and communicate in different ways.

My talent is:

helping you figure your communicaton style,

the marketing that suits you and your ideal clients,

what they want,

how to position yourself

how to find ideal clients

how to use online marketing to attract leads

then how to build a relationships

so you sign up committed clients who want the result (even more than you do!).

We will look at your style and brand, find your voice and unique stand on the problems you solve and show you how to package your services for profit, for results and for a sustainable business model so you still have time for your family, friends, hobbies and self care. 

 I use all my skills as a coach, consultant & mentor to help you get from A-Z as fast as possible. 

So if you have ever wished to have someone impartial who you can brainstorm your ideas, get answers, learn from, and someone who can help you see what’s is holding back or keeping you stuck (personally, mentally and emotionally – because success is a mindset shift) then read on.

Are any of these you?

  • You want to start a business based on what you love, but you don’t know what business model will serve your lifestyle or make you enough income to be worth it.
  • You struggle to attract clients who take action and will pay for the solution you offer. You can’t quite find your tribe!
  • You’re stuck at the same prices, but you’re nervous if you raise them no one will pay. 
  • You want to work with clients for longer to give the the transformation they desire, but you’re unsure how to package it correctly.
  • You’re busy working with clients, then you have to find client, it’s a bit of a roller coaster and the lack of consistent income is stressful. You want to have more money to reinvest in you AND your business.
  • You have tried all sorts of marketing tactics and really you are at a loss as to what you should focus on to get booked up because your amazing following isn’t converting into actual clients
  • You want to use online marketing to attract targeted clients, but you don’t know how to set up a proper funnel, use the tech or run ads.
  • You hate selling and cringe on calls. 


Then you are in the right place because we can fix all of that!   

I offer a few simple ways to work with me depending on where you are at right now in business. 


6 Month Program for New Business Owners

This coaching program allows me to mentor you over a longer period of time to gain clarity on what you do, package it all up attractively to your ideal clients and help you put the business and marketing structures in place to attract and serve the right clients for you.

In this program we have 18 regular calls and unlimited email support. I send you training modules based on what you need to learn and know. You get my full attention. I developed this program because this is what new business owners need – a full support experience.

Investment £5, 000 or £916 x 6 payments. 

Book a Complementary Business Growth Consultation so I can see how I can help you. 

(Payment plan available. Fast action bonus: book within 24h of the call receive 10% Off) 


12 Week Business Transformation Coaching for Experienced Business Owners

This is great if you’ve been in business for 6 months + and want an injection of fresh thinking to have greater success in your business. That could be more leads, more sales, greater reach, better branding, raising your rates, changing business models, changing your offers, scaling up, selling to corporates or taking your business online.


In this program we have 12 regular calls and we focus on a the goal and the few changes that will make the biggest impact to your results and get those implemented and working within the quarter.

Investment £3, 500 or £1283 x 3 payments 

Book a Complementary Business Growth Consultation so I can see how I can help you. 

(Payment plan available. Fast action bonus: book within 24h of the call receive 10% Off) 


How Does It Work?

We personally work together and make a plan to reach your goals. You execute that plan with my support. I send you any additonal info and training you need to get the plan implemented. 

We have regular coaching calls so you stay accountable and course correct as we progress.  

I coach you through any confidence issues, mentor you in your business and consult on your marketing and sales systems.  

I review all your marketing pieces, help you write copy, explain how to do all the tech stuff so you don’t rip your hair out and advise you on when and how to outsource.

I help you empower yourself and be confident when selling your services. In fact we completely reframe what selling is and you will love it by the end (no, honestly you will!)

By the end of our time together you will transform yourself and your business will grow.

You will see tangeable results. 

Every Private Coaching Program is bespoke to you, but typically covers:


  • Beyond the Target Market.  We will figure out who you desire to serve and what to offer them. You need to know your ideal client inside out, what makes them tick, where they are hanging out, what they need help with, what they are willing to do to get that help. Be prepared to think big.
  • Raise your prices with confidence. We look at your wealth consciousness and any story you have around money. We look at your desired income goals, your experience and what outcome you provide. You will start charging your worth with ease.  We will package your offers to give the client the desired results.

  • Easy Authentic Positioning & Branding – how to develop your brand and voice to attract your tribe. More than just a fancy logo, branding is the promise you make to your followers and clients, it’s the experience of you and your business. All you need to be is you, but when we work on your mindset you will magnetise people to you.
  • Simple, fun marketing strategy you can stick to consistently.  Let’s design a marketing plan that you can stick to that gets you results. Focus and become the master at this first rather than chasing tactics and wearing yourself out. We look at online and offline marketing strategies and funnels.
  • Social Influence – how to use social platforms to influence and position yourself as attractive to your ideal clients. We also discover which platform your clients use and build a strategy around social engagement. I can show you on how to test ads without breaking the bank.
  • Easy selling – understand the sales process and how to handle sales calls, objections, negotiations and NO, without feeling salesy or crumbling! You will feel empowered and by the end you will love selling!
  • On Board and serve clients with ease – learn how to simply onboard your clients, the tools and pieces you need to look professiona and behave in an organised way.


  • Your Why. Knowing what motivates you and why you are in business, uncovering your true desires and what success looks like to you.
  • Setting goals. We develop mindset pratices to keep you on track and achieving your goals.
  • Receiving Abundance. We declutter your life so you can allow new coming into your life. We reframe limiting beliefs and get you some new mantras in your life so you attract the right clients and income level you want.
  • Managing your stress levels. Developing systems and structures to help you stay on track. Delegating and leading rather than doing everything in your business all the time.
  • Being visible. Understand that you matter and your unqiue talents are needed in the world. Having a plan to ensure you push yourself out of your comfort zone to grow and get to the next level confidently.
  • Speaking confidently. Learn the art of speaking with ease and complete confidence so you can start speaking from the stage and online platforms for greater publicity opportunities.

You’ll receive all of this…

  • A welcome pack with questionnaire so I understand what you want to achieve and your backstory. This allows us to get straight to work in the coaching sessions and we can customise the program and begin with the end result in mind.
  • Marketing & Sales Audit and review of your marketing items and sales calls so I can analyse what you have done so far and what can be tweaked or shelved right now. 
  • 2 hour intensive to kick start your strategy and work out a simple marketing plan for you. We also identify and rewrite any limiting beliefs and blocks you have which may prevent success.
  • Personal coaching calls to get you through any questions, queries, excuses, confidence issues, brainstorm, share ideas, get you focused, kick your ass and be focused on your targets and goals without fear or confusion. 
  • All sessions are recorded and saved in your own private dropbox folder to access any time. You can focus on the coaching without worrying about taking notes and then review the call as many times as they want to gain deeper insights after each session.
  • Unlimited email access and extra resources like workbooks, tools, reading suggestions and exercises. If you need extra help I am available to help you in areas that you need extra support.  
  • Inclusion in my Facebook community so you can share ideas and collaborate with other ambitious entrepreneurs and be surrounded by positivity and success. I will be posting contests and challenges to help build your knowledge and test ideas.

“Working with Minnie is high energy and fun! Her skill and enthusiasm rubs off and I’ve started to enjoy the challenge as opposed to dread the marketing element of my business.

Thank you so much Minnie, you’ve totally made this work!”

Sally Dibden, High Performance Coach, France. The Wellbeing Consultants

“I was really impressed how clearly Minnie explained things, it was easy for me to implement her suggestions and get results fast.


All of the concepts she introduced me to had the potential to feel like a foreign language, but before long it was all making sense and now I feel like I have a really good grasp on all of the important stuff, allowing me to continue to grow on my own.”


Andy Craner – Photographer, UK.  Andrew Craner Photography

This IS for you if:

  • You want to attract clients who take action and get great results
  • You want someone to show you exactly what to do
  • You want to be confident and build brand awareness 
  • You want to automate or delegate for a better work life balance
  • You want to raise your prices and invest in you and your business 
  • You want to stop procrastinating!
  • You want to reach targeted audiences locally and globally

This is for NOT for you if:

  • You are not open to being coached
  • You are not willing to invest in yourself
  • You want a coach to do all the work for you
  • You don’t want to be held accountable
  • You want a get rich quick scheme
  • You don’t have the funds or don’t want to invest in learning a new skill set

Are you still unsure? 

I know what it’s like trying to make a big change and feeling scared. The biggest growth happens when we push outside of our comfort zone and try something new. Don’t waste any more time trying to figure it out on your own. A smart person will seek help and guidance when it’s needed. I know you’re smart so that’s why your looking at this page.

If you have got to this point then it’s very simple. Just book in for a no obligation call with me. This is why I have an application process. It’s as much about whether I can help you, as you wanting to be helped by me. If I can’t help you I will refer you to someone who can help. There is such a thing as business karma, as far as I am concerned.

So really you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. On the call we will talk about what you want to achieve, how long that would take and if this program is right for you. 

Book a call or email me at I check all my emails so I will personally reply and help you where I can. 

To your success!

Love Minnie x


“I set up my own business in 2015 and having had little experience in social media and online marketing I was recommended to speak to Minnie.   


Two meetings later, I had an active Twitter account, a Business Facebook page, a Linked In Business profile, content for my website, a marketing plan and most of all the confidence to post comments and advice and my business’s success online.


Since then the business has grown and I am a now regular and confident user of social media and can see the significant value that Minnie’s experience brought to my business.  I would be very happy to recommend her for new start ups like me as well as established companies who need a fresh approach to their online marketing.” 


Nick Jones – Director, UK. Nicholas Jones Residential,