Why Blow Your Own Trumpet When Others Can Do It For You!


(I feel so grateful!)

“To put my experience with Minnie in simple words, she wowed me! She has the ability to breakdown complex things into simple, manageable chunks of action. She really helped me understand what I actions I need to be taking to achieve my goals and her sense of humour made our sessions just as fun as they were effective.


I felt understood and I felt that she truly cares about me and my results. If you’re looking for a caring yet effective guidance then Minnie is your coach!”


Alex Rudnicka – Business Strategist & Implementation Coach, Alex Rudnicka Coaching, UK

“I was really impressed how clearly Minnie explained things, it was easy for me to implement her suggestions and get results fast. Minnie help me setup my facebook business page which at the time was like a foreign language to get my head around.


In fact that’s a really good analogy to describe what working with Minnie is like: All of the concepts she introduced me to had the potential to feel like a foreign language, but before long it was all making sense and now I feel like I have a really good grasp on all of the important stuff, allowing me to continue to grow on my own.”


Andy Craner – Wedding, Family & Branding Photographer, Andrew Craner Photography, UK

“I’d done courses and knew what ‘should work’ in marketing, however it wasn’t working as quickly as I wanted. I needed guidance from an experienced marketer as to why. Minnie’s experience quickly showed.


She had an amazing ability really understand and get into the headspace of my ideal client. She helped me troubleshoot the priorities, where I could tweak marketing, identified I needed to be more visible with video and was bursting with other ideas and tips. This was all done with tact, passion and a great sense of humour!


Working with Minnie is high energy and fun! Her skill and enthusiasm rubs off and I’ve started to enjoy the challenge as opposed to dread the marketing element of my business. Thank you so much Minnie, you’ve totally made this work!”

Sally Dibden, Health, Life & High Performance Coach, The Wellbeing Consultants, France

“I set up my own business 15 months ago and having had little experience in social media and online marketing. I was recommended to speak to Minnie.   


Two meetings later, I had an active Twitter account, a Business Facebook page, a Linked In Business profile, content for my website, a marketing plan and most of all the confidence to post comments and advice and my business’s success online.


Since then the business has grown and I am a now regular and confident user of social media and can see the significant value that Minnie’s experience brought to my business.  I would be very happy to recommend her for new start ups like me as well as established companies who need a fresh approach to their online marketing.” 


Nick Jones – Business Owner, Nicholas Jones Residential, UK

“I had hit a roadblock with my sales page, I was able to get traffic to my site but unfortunately wasn’t able to convert visitors to subscribers. Minnie was so generous with her time and walked through my entire sales page with me.


She asked all the right questions and some tough ones all the while providing me with advice that was practical and realistic for me to implement.


Minnie really helped me see the forest from trees, she gave me tasks to complete and held me accountable. Which is what you want if you want to see any growth in your business. Minnie is easy to talk to, is a great listener and knows how to push you enough where you feel you are moving forward.”


Tanya Fraser – RHN Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Personal Trainer, founder of cutthecrapclub.com, Canada


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